Nerds For a Cause - Spotlight Charity Campaign #1

Welcome, and thanks for clicking the link and checking out what we have to say.

What is Nerds For a Cause, and what's this Spotlight Charity Campaign thing?

Excellent questions. I'm glad you asked.

Nerds For a Cause is a company who's sole purpose is to help charities get the help they need. That could be funding. That could be volunteering your time. It could be as simple as telling friends and family about a non-profit organization and the great work they do.

Founded and operated by Two Nerds One Mission, Nerds For a Cause seeks to leave a better world than what we inherited. Yes, we’re also the same folks who own and operate Red Hot Inkers. We're keeping it local, as they say.


I believe Tony Start (Iron Man) said it best when considering why we do what we do:

It’s not about me.

It’s not about you.

It’s not even about us.

It’s about legacy.

It’s about what we choose to leave behind for future generations…

To leave behind a brighter future.


With those words, we are happy to align with Red Hot Inkers to act as our online store for our Spotlight Charity Campaigns. If you want to know how these campaigns work, click HERE. If you want to see the current campaign and our spotlighting of the Urban Farming Guys, click HERE.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch the videos and wipe away your tears, come on back here to Red Hot Inkers and make a purchase. Remember, $5 of every purchase goes to the Urban Farming Guys. If they can purchase an entire city block for $1, imagine what $5 could do for them. Be generous. They’ll make incredible use of every dollar!!!

What can you purchase? Well, we have two categories of products. Those which promote the Nerds For a Cause brand, and those which are specific to Urban Farming Guys. Purchases against either category counts toward the campaign and provides $5 of funding to Urban Farming Guys. Whether you purchase a Nerds T-shirt, a ribbon poster, or a Can It be Done tank top, it all counts.

Click on NERDS for all products showing the Nerds For a Cause logo. Wear those colors proud. Represent.

Click on Campaign #1 for all products designed specifically for the the Urban Farming Guys which is our Spotlight Charity Campaign #1.

Note - all apparel comes in multiple colors. We only show black and white designs on the overall view, but each apparel item comes in a selection of colors.

So, go get out there.

Be good in the world. Be good to the world. And, be good to yourself.


Kris & MyChelle Andrews